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Bobbi Shamhart

Bobbi Shamhart is a Principal with Five Corners Group and a veteran litigation graphics consultant experienced with a wide range of design and presentation software. Based in Indianapolis, she works with many of the nation’s largest law firms to create eye-catching and persuasive graphics, often on tight deadlines.

Over the course of her career, Bobbi has assisted clients in developing presentations and other demonstratives in more than 100 cases involving intellectual property disputes, multi-district pharmaceutical and product liability litigation, and other complex commercial issues. Her work product includes presentations, 3D models, interactive multimedia, technology tutorials, and animations.

Bobbi’s involvement often begins in the early stages of litigation, as she helps attorneys develop graphic concepts to strengthen and communicate their arguments. Her favorite projects are those that require taking complex, highly technical pieces of information and transforming them into visuals that are clear and compelling to judges and juries. In addition to helping attorneys to distill their legal arguments into graphics, she also works on-site, spending time in her clients’ war rooms to adapt and respond as needed during trial.

Prior to joining Five Corners Group, Bobbi worked as an independent consultant and as a senior design consultant at FTI Consulting. She also spent five years as a civilian defense contractor, creating graphics that were used in flight training programs for the U.S. Navy, based out of Pensacola Naval Air Station.

Bobbi holds a B.A. in Visual Communication from Southern Illinois University. In her free time, she enjoys running, traveling, and spoiling her pets (2 cats and a dog).