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  • We like a challenge
  • We like being part of a team that is working on something important
  • We believe in big ideas, not ‘the bigger the better’

The principals at Five Corners Group have decades of experience rising to the challenges of high stakes litigation and helping their clients succeed. We work with our clients personally, not through support staff. On hundreds of high profile cases across the country and internationally we have put in the hours, days, and (often) nights it takes to get it right. We are not just engaged on projects, we are committed to them and the clients we serve. Our work history stretches across numerous practice areas. We are ready and able to bring our knowledge, resourcefulness, creativity and attention to detail to work on your matter immediately.

Five Corners Logo Icon - GreyOur Name

The founders of Five Corners Group like to spend free time outdoors. Part of the inspiration for our name comes from a major trail crossing on Marin County’s 2,574 foot tall Mount Tamalpais. Hikers, bikers, trail runners and sightseers cross paths at the Five Corners on the way to Mount Tam’s peaks, the scenic lakes (Lagunitas, Bon Tempe, Alpine), or back down into the towns of Fairfax or Ross, even on the long haul to Stinson Beach. Like the folks who meet at Mount Tam’s Five Corners, we like to think of the Five Corners Group as a meeting place of ideas… and ideas can take you in any direction you want to go.