Expert Forensic Services

The professionals at Five Corners Group have a wide range of experience working on various complex and precedent-setting litigations and investigations.  Five Corners Group is there before litigation starts, advises clients during the discovery phase, assists with settlement negotiations, and provides expert testimony.  Our analytical and presentation skills help generate convincing and succinct solutions to the challenges of any project.

Five Corners Logo Icon - GreySELECTED MATTERS

·         Accountant’s Liability
·         Breach of Contract
·         Breach of Fiduciary Duty
·         Construction Failure
·         Copyright Infringement
·         Cybercrime
·         Employment Litigation
·         Fraud
·         Money Laundering
·         Partnership Disputes
·         Patent Infringement
·         Personal Liability
·         Product Liability
·         Receivership
·         Trade Dress Infringement
·         Trademark Infringement
·         Trade Secret Theft
·         Whistleblower
·         Wrongful Termination

  • Professionals at Five Corners Group have helped determine damages for both defendants and plaintiffs in various patent infringement matters including technology and innovations related to mobile phones, business intelligence software, medical devices, apparel, data aggregation software, chip manufacturing hardware, call center software, corrective dental devices, anti-virus software, and synchronization software.
  • We assisted a business intelligence software developer from claims that it misappropriated the trade secrets of the plaintiff. In a precedent-setting ruling, we facilitated the successful exclusion of the testimony of the plaintiff’s damage expert.
  • We assisted the plaintiffs in a class action suit against a large software developer.  The plaintiffs claimed that they were damaged as a result of the defendant’s alleged violation of anti-trust laws.
  • We testified in an arbitration on behalf of the defendant on a contract and ownership dispute relating to a patent portfolio.  The mediator concluded that the plaintiff was not entitled to compensatory damages, consistent with our damages opinion.
  • We assisted the relators in a qui tam case.  We investigated the alleged over-billings of an American company contracted by the Coalition Provisional Authority to assist in the reconstruction of Iraq shortly after the U.S. invasion of Iraq.
  • We helped determine the lost profits and costs incurred by a Mexican cement manufacturer who alleged that the defendant failed to implement software purchased by the plaintiff.
  • We were hired by the defendant, a video game manufacturer, to assist with the determination of damages resulting from alleged copyright and trade dress infringement of a popular mobile video game.